Kiana Sadat Life Chronology

Maliheh Soraya Nojehdeh Sadat (kiana) Is a young Iranian artist,architect and interior designer. She was born in 18th of January 1986 in Tehran.
Kiana has learnt drawing under supervision of Ms. Fatemeh Hafezi(Elham)in youth.
She started drawing by pencil & charcoal lead pencil and then shifted to pastel chalk and oil color drawing. Finally,she focused on painting on suede and velvet.
Her first exhibition has been held in Aftab gallery in 2004.
Name : Maliheh Soraya Nojehdeh Sadat
Nickname : kiana
Born : Iran,Tehran
Date of birth : 18.1.1986
Nationality : Iranian

Life chronology

  • 1986

    Born on January 18th in Shemiran, Tehran, Iran
  • 1992

    Enters Elementary School
  • 1997

    Enters Junior High School
  • 1998

    Attends Ms. Elham Hafezi’s art classes and stars learning to draw and paint
  • 1999

    Studies high school grades intensively to graduate early
  • 2001

    Gets her diploma
  • 2002

    Enters University
  • 2004

    First exhibition of painting at Aftab Art Gallery in Tehran Sells first paintings
  • 2005

    Sudden death of father (Asadallah Sorayya Nojedeh Sadat)
  • 2006

    Graduates from university majoring in Architecture
  • 2008

    Learns various techniques of painting
  • 2009

    Begins to paint on suede
  • 2010

    Rents a small apartment to advance her career
  • 2011

    Recruited at Shiveh Software Co. in Tehran as an Art Consultant and Graphic Designer in advertising
  • 2012

    Holds a painting exhibition at Melal Cultural Center in Tehran
  • 2013

    Starts working at Farabord Network Co. as an Art Consultant in graphic designing and advertising
  • 2014

    Holds a painting exhibition at Shanidar Art Gallery in Erbil, Iraq
  • 2015

    Holds a charity exhibition at Media Art Gallery in Erbil, Iraq with the help of ORCO Organization to raise funds for war-stricken children
  • 2016

    Holds a painting exhibition at Aftab Art Gallery in Tehran
  • 2017

    (Feb) Thereafter being interested in working with children, she succeeded to obtain children's painting tutelage degree
    (March) She held an exhibition at unique art gallery
    (First of July) Holds painting exhibition at Aftab art gallery