Kiana Sadat

Maliheh Sorayya Nojedeh Sadat, called Kiana was born in 1968 in Tehran. She has had a great passion for painting since she was so young and she would always enjoy the chance of painting. Her love of painting led her to attend Ms. Elham Hafezi’s art classes. As a young artist, she managed to graduate from high school at the age of sixteen and got her diploma in 2001. A year later, she entered university and studied Architecture. In 2004, the talented artist held her first painting exhibition at Aftab Art Gallery and sold her first picture in the same year. She kept on painting until the sudden death of her father in 2005. Afterwards, she found consolation in her art and has persistently pursued her career. She has worked for some well-known companies as an art consultant and graphic designer. In 2014, she held an exhibition at Shanidar Art Gallery in Erbil, Iraq. Moreover, in 2015, a charity exhibition was held at Media Art Gallery in Erbil with the help of ORCO organization to raise funds for the war-stricken children. She held an exhibition at Aftab Art Gallery in 2016 which was famous for her flair, uniqueness and various techniques of painting